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A hammer, glove and anvil for forging steel


Admission Requirements

American Welding Laboratories is an equal opportunity employer and follows the same policies in accepting applications from potential students. The School is open to all students without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, creed, origin, sexual orientation, disability or marital status. In order to be admitted to any program at American Welding Laboratories, an applicant must:

1. Review the program, as well as, the school catalog in general.

2. Be in good health and physically able to perform the duties and techniques required for employment in  the student’s field of interest.

3. Have the financial resources necessary to complete the program of study.

4. Complete and submit registration form.

5. Accept issuance of and review a copy of American Welding Laboratories, LLC catalog.

6. Have proof of Driver’s License, or government issued ID.

American Welding Laboratories has an open admission policy. Applicants must be a minimum of 17 1/2 years of age with a desire to weld. Since our course is geared towards getting students ready to work and trained in a short period of time, a high school diploma is not required. However, it is best that students have an academic fundamental knowledge of math and reading comprehension.

Admission/Application Procedure

1. Complete and sign an application for admission (registration form), as well as pay a $100 (non refundable) application fee and tour the facility. 

2. Disclose any and all felony convictions to American Welding Laboratories during the application process; additional information may be required.

3. Demonstrate the availability of financial resources for meeting tuition and fees obligations.

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