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Advanced TIG Welding

300 Hours

In this 300-hour welding course, students will learn all the basics from safety, blueprints, and welder setup, to the welding of the 5 typical weld joints, in all positions, according to the American Welding Society for the TIG (GTAW) welding process.


As students advance, we continue to build on the basics of safety and welder setup as well as the welding of the 5 typical weld joints according to the AWS. A more in-depth focus on blueprints with project-based learning and out-of-position and complete joint penetration welds.

Upon successfully completing this course, students will have the opportunity to become a qualified welder per AWS standards, complete with industry-recognized welder certifications and certificates of completion from American Welding Laboratories.

  • Setup, usage, and safety of plasma cutter

  • Shop safety

  • AWS Welding symbols, terms, and definitions

  • Interpretation of blueprints for practical applications

  • Setup and maintenance of GTAW welding equipment

  • GTAW welding of the 5 typical joints using carbon and stainless steel out of position.

  • GTAW welding with project-based learning.

  • Upon successful completion the opportunity to become a certified welder per AWS specifications

Schedule M-F

Morning, Full-time 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Evening, Part-time 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


TWC1218 (TIG Welding Course 1218)

TWC1218.1 - Basics of TIG (4 wks)          

TWC1218.2 - Advanced of TIG (4 wks)      

Time: 300 Hours

(8 weeks FT)

(15 weeks PT)

Cost: $7,807

Students will receive a tool bucket valued at $800 that includes, but is not limited to, the following;

Welding hood, welders cap, FR shirt, Dewalt grinder, multiple grinding disks, Tungsten, TIG gloves, striker, quick square, tape measure, stainless brush, chipping hammer, headgear (dark & clear), flapper disk, rapid strip, carbon brush, soapstone, metal bucket, crescent wrench, project calculator, flashlight, tip cleaner, safety glasses, graph paper, & ear plugs.

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